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  • The Tour to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Chapi, shows us the faith and religiosity that the Arequipeños have.
  • The Visit to the Sanctuary of Chapi, located at 1:20 hours approx. City trip. It is located in a desolate place in the Andes, 2,420 meters above sea level and 60 km. To the south of Arequipa, in the district of Polobaya by the old road that leads to the city of Moquegua, an image of Our Lady of Purification or Candelaria, better known as the “Virgin of Chapi”, whose cult in this place is venerated It dates back to the 18th century and grows day by day.
  • The Virgin of Chapi is considered the Patroness of Arequipa, guiding the steps every day and every hour of the population of the "White City".
  • The Laguna de Uzuña was a project of the earth dam. It is located between the Yanaorco, Paltaorco and Humpuco hills, at the confluence of the Totorani and Uzuña rivers that form the Polobaya river, in the Pampa de Ccoragache sector of the Polobaya district, province and region of Arequipa, at an altitude of 3,223.5 meters above sea level
  • Irrigation improvement areas are located between altitudes of 2300 masl up to 2,600 masl, located mainly in the districts Polobaya, Yarabamba, Quequeña, Socabaya, province and Arequipa region.


  • Guided visits (Included)
  • Cultural visits (Included)
  • Historical visits (Included)

Departure place

  • Arequipa: Pick up from your hotel.
  • Whenever it is in the center of the city and prior coordination with the Operator.
  • For places outside these limits, you must coordinate with the Operator the feasibility of your pick-up or Meeting Point or additional Cost.

Guide's language

  • Spanish


Day 1
  • 7:00 am. Pick up from your hotels located in the Historic Center.
  • Departure from Socabaya, go through the district of Yarabamba (land of bullfighting) and then go up zig zag through some hills, an area called "Cuesta de Hornillos" that is on the right side of the Pichupichu volcano. The track reaches the top of a plateau.
  • It is from this place called "Pampa Tumbambay", located at 3,200 meters above sea level (highest point of the path), that you begin to notice that the hills have gray or half white sand in their topography, that sand is actually volcanic ash. And where does that ash come from? They are the remains left by the Huaynaputina volcano, a volcano that erupted in 1600. Its ashes managed to spread at a distance of 600 km from the volcano. Needless to say, all important volcanoes such as Coropuna, Misti, Ampato, etc. are also observed from this point.
  • Without a doubt it is a great scenario to take pictures, since the panoramic views are impressive. There we were, looking for a sanctuary in view of the great Apus, what more could we ask for? We had everything, beautiful snowfall, totally blue sky and a pure air that makes you feel alive. Then the descent began. There is no nearby population, much less a source of water.
  • The climate in particular becomes drier, until finally, after descending so many curves we arrive at what appears to be a hamlet. The houses are precarious, many are made of mats, but they sell all kinds of drinks and meals: We are finally in the town of Chapi!
  • We enter the parking lot, which, despite not being partying, is full of vehicles. That was our first impression that we were facing something very important.
  • Upon leaving the parking lot and entering the sanctuary we realized that it is very large, despite not having arrived on holiday, there are many pilgrims who arrive.
Mass hours
Monday to Friday

Prayer of the Holy Rosary: 10 am
Mass: 10:30 am
Prayer of the Holy Rosary: 10 am
Mass: 10:30 am and 12 hours
Prayer of the Holy Rosary: 9 am
Mass: 9:30 am and 11:30 am
  • Before starting the mass we take a tour of the surroundings and see the great magnitude of the entire sanctuary, which includes great access to the esplanade, the tower, the pilgrims' square, the reconciliation chapel, etc. All very striking, colorful and sacred. Many came to pray as close as possible to the virgin, others took pictures to remember, but what surprised most was the religious fervor of the people. The faith that the population has in the virgin moves and feels an atmosphere full of religiosity.
  • After the Mass, we will go to the Uzuña Lagoon where we will have our lunch and they will be able to enter by boat to go for a walk. It was a dam that was built with the purpose of storing water, this water is used for drought moments. But today it is a lagoon where trout is raised and there are adventure sports and tourism is increasing due to its beautiful landscapes.
  • Return to Arequipa.


  • Tourist transport.
  • Guide in Spanish.
  • Water bottle.
  • Lunch (Trout).
  • Walk through the lagoon.

Not included

  • Snacks and / or drinks.
  • Gifts, souvenirs.
  • Tips for service (optional, voluntary).


What to wear

  • Clothing suitable for short walks.
  • Shoes suitable for short walks.
  • Bring warm clothing.
  • Sun block, sunglasses, hat, repellent.
  • Water and light snacks.
  1. If you want to reserve the Buffet Lunch you must do it in advance.
  2. Any material loss or accident is the responsibility of the client.
  3. Service is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather conditions (rains, huaycos, overflows, etc.), strikes and / or demonstrations and any other event that does not allow the normal development of the itinerary.
  4. Any cancellation of the service for the reasons indicated, no refund applies.
  5. If you decide to leave before the end of the service, there will be no refund for it.
  6. If you do not attend the day of service, there will be no place for claims, postponements or returns.
  7. Seats in transfer mobility are not reserved, they are taken according to the order of arrival.


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